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For Leaves Limited, founded in 2012, specialized in production of PV module. Now mostly focuses on the customized solar panel, like semi flexible, ETFE panel and other special type & materials solar panel. Meanwhile, offer the complete solution of dc charging system.

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Charge Controller - Photovoltaic System Component
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PV Controllers

You will need a controller to prolong the battery life of your PV System.  The most basic function of a controller is to prevent battery overcharching. If batteries are allowed to routinely overcharge, their life expectancy will be dramatically reduced.  A controller will sense the battery voltage, and reduce or stop the charging current when the voltage gets high enough. This is especially important with sealed batteries where we can't replace the water that is lost during overcharging.

The only exception to controller need is when the charging source is very small and the battery is very large in comparison.  If a PV module produces 1.5% of the battery's ampacity or less, then no charge control is needed.

Unlike Wind or Hydro System controllers, PV controllers can open the circuit when the batteries are full without any harm to the modules. Most PV controllers simply open or restrict the circuit between the battery and PV array when the voltage rises to a set point. Then, as the battery absorbs the excess electrons and voltage begins dropping, the controller will turn back on.