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For Leaves Limited, founded in 2012, specialized in production of PV module. Now mostly focuses on the customized solar panel, like semi flexible, ETFE panel and other special type & materials solar panel. Meanwhile, offer the complete solution of dc charging system.

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PV Battery - Photovoltaic System Component
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PV Batteries

Batteries accumulate excess energy created by your PV system and store it to be used at night or when there is no other energy input. Batteries can discharge rapidly and yield more current that the charging source can produce by itself, so pumps or motors can be run intermittently.

The battery's capacity for holding energy is rated in amp-hours: 1 amp delivered for 1 hour = 1-amp hour

Battery capacity is listed in amp hours at a given voltage, e.g. 220 amp-hours at 6 volts. Manufacturer's typically rate storage batteries at a 20-hour rate:

220 amp-hour battery will deliver 11 amps for 20 hrs

This rating is designed only as a means to compare different batteries to the same standard and is not to be taken as a performance guarantee. Batteries are electrochemical devices sensitive to climate, charge/discharge cycle history, temperature, and age. The performance of your battery depends on climate, location and usage patterns. For every 1.0 amp-hour you remove from your battery, you will need to pump about 1.25 amp-hours back in to return the battery to the same charge state of charge. This figure also varies with temperature, battery type and age.