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For Leaves Limited, founded in 2012, specialized in production of PV module. Now mostly focuses on the customized solar panel, like semi flexible, ETFE panel and other special type & materials solar panel. Meanwhile, offer the complete solution of dc charging system.

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PV Battery - Photovoltaic System Component
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Lead-Acid Battery Types

Starting Batteries - Shallow cycle automotive battery not suitable for Photovoltaic Systems.

RV or Marine "Deep-Cycle" - 12 volt batteries usually 80 and 160-amp hour capacity. A compromise between shallow and true deep cycle batteries. Life expectancy is about 2 to 3 years.

Lead-Calcium Batteries -Occasionally these shallow-cycle batteries recycled from the telephone company are used in remote power systems. At 400 pounds per 2 volt cell and cycle limited to 15% - 20%, these batteries are not recommended.

Sealed Batteries - These are liquid-tight batteries that can operate in any position without leaking acid. Because of the seal construction, you cannot check cell conditions with a hydrometer. Vents prevent pressure build-up in case of gassing. Recommended only for situations where hydrogen gassing during charging cannot be tolerated, or the battery is going to be moved a great deal, or to be fit in tight spaces. Require lower voltage charge controls. Most AGM batteries (absorbed glass mat) have a life expectancy of 2-5 years, and 5-10 years for higher quality Gel cell batteries. Most sealed batteries are AGM.