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For Leaves Limited, founded in 2012, specialized in production of PV module. Now mostly focuses on the customized solar panel, like semi flexible, ETFE panel and other special type & materials solar panel. Meanwhile, offer the complete solution of dc charging system.

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PV Battery - Photovoltaic System Component
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True Deep-Cycle Batteries - True deep-cycle batteries are specifically designed for energy storage and deep-cycle service. They tend to have larger and thicker plates as shown in the image above. Ideal for renewable energy systems, deep-cycle batteries withstand having a majority of their capacity used before being recharged and survive hundreds and even thousands of 80% cycles. It is recommended to use 50% as the normal maximum discharge and leave 30% for emergencies. Do not use the bottom 20%, the less deeply you cycle your battery, they longer it will last. Available in many sizes and types.