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For Leaves Limited, founded in 2012, specialized in production of PV module. Now mostly focuses on the customized solar panel, like semi flexible, ETFE panel and other special type & materials solar panel. Meanwhile, offer the complete solution of dc charging system.

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The Benefits of Semi Flexible Solar Panel
Source: | Author:For Leaves Ltd | Publish time: 2015-08-03 | 5385 Views | Share:

One of the biggest benefits of flexible solar panels is their portability. Since these devices use laminate instead of glass and aluminum, they are super light and portable. Traditional solar panels don’t have this benefit and are thus bulky and heavy. Laminate panels can also be bent (to a certain angle without breaking). Which makes them more durable and less likely to break when on surfaces such as RVs or boats.

Overall flexible solar panels have many benefits. We think they are an awesome solution to many charging needs and are a great option for those who have an RV, boat, or just need portable charging. One thing to keep in mind that the semi flexible panels are not full solar kits. You will have to purchase other parts to make them work correctly.

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