VS-BN Series(10~60A) PWM Solar Charge Controller

VS-BN series is a PWM charging controller with dot matrix liquid crystal display and RS485 communication interface. Widely used in off-grid systems that require high reliability and high quality products, such as small power systems, mobile lighting, monitoring systems, etc.


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Model VS1024BN VS2024BN VS3024BN VS4524BN VS6024BN VS4548BN VS6048BN
Nominal system voltage 12/24VDC/Auto 12/24VDC/Auto 12/24VDC/Auto 12/24VDC/Auto 12/24VDC/Auto 12/24/36/48VDC/Auto 12/24/36/48VDC/Auto
Battery type Sealed(Default)/Gel/Flooded/User
Battery input voltage range 8V~32V 8V~32V 8V~32V 8V~32V 8V~32V 8V~64V 8V~64V
Rated charge current 10A 20A 30A 45A 60A 45A 60A
Rated discharge current 10A 20A 30A 45A 60A 45A 60A
Max. PV open circuit voltage 48V 48V 48V 48V 48V 96V 96V
Equalization voltage Sealed:14.6V,Flooded:14.8V,User-defined:9-17V
Boost voltage Gel:14.2V,Sealed:14.4V,Flooded:14.6V,User-defined:9-17V
Float voltage Gel/Sealed/Flooded:13.8V,User-defined:9-17V
Low voltage reconnect voltage Gel/Sealed/Flooded:12.6V,User-defined:9-17V
Low voltage disconnect voltage Gel/Sealed/Flooded:11.1V,User-defined:9-17V
Self-consumption ≤15mA@12V; ≤13mA@24V; ≤9mA@36V; ≤8mA@48V
Temperature compensation -3mV/℃/2V (Default)
Relative humidity ≤95%(N.C.)
Enclosure IP30
Communication interface RS485(RJ45)
Grounding Common negative
Operating temperature range ~25℃~+55℃
Dimensions(LxWxH)(mm) 162×87×39.5 162×102×49.5 200.6×105.8×57.7 200.6×111.8×58.6 204.8×131.9×67 204.8×122×66.6 204.8×173.9×63.8
Net Weight 0.3Kg 0.4Kg 0.7Kg 0.8Kg 1.3Kg 1.2Kg 1.6Kg