Upower Series(1000~5000W) Integration Solar Inverter/Charger

UPower series is an inverter/charger with power from 1KVA to 5KVA, which integrates MPPT solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter and AC/DC charger. The inverter and AC/DC charger can work simultaneously, making UPower perfect for residential applications, schools, villas, and areas with unstable power or applications that require uninterrupted power.


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Model UP1000-M3212 UP1000-M3222 UP1500-M3222 UP2000-M3322 UP3000-M3322 UP3000-M6322
Nominal battery voltage 12VDC 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC
Battery input voltage range 10.8~16VDC 21.6~32VDC 21.6~32VDC 21.6~32VDC 21.6~32VDC 21.6~32VDC
Inverter output
Continuous output power 800W 800W 1200W 1600W 2400W 2400W
Output power 15min. 1000W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 3000W
Output voltage range 220V(-6%~+5%)
220V±5%;230V(-10%~+5%) 220V±5%;230V(-10%~+5%) 220V±5%;230V(-10%~+5%) 220V±5%;230V(-10%~+5%) 220V±5%;230V(-10%~+5%)
Output frequency 50/60±0.1Hz
Output mode Single phase
Output wave Pure Sine Wave
Distortion THD ≤3%(12V or 24V resistive load)
Max.efficiency 91% 94% 95% 95% 95% 95%
Utility charging
Utility input voltage range 160VAC~280VAC(Working voltage range);
170VAC~270VAC(Utility starting voltage range)
Max.utility charge current 20A 20A 20A 30A 30A 30A
Solar charging
Max. PV open circuit voltage 60V(At minimum operating environment temperature);
46V(At 25℃ environment temperature)
100V(At minimum operating environment temperature);
92V(At 25℃ environment temperature)
150V(At minimum operating environment temperature);
138V(At 25℃ environment temperature)
Max. PV input power 390W 780W 780W 780W 780W 1500W
Max. PV charging current 30A 30A 30A 30A 30A 60A
Equalization voltage Sealed:14.6V,Flooded:14.8V Sealed:29.2V,Flooded:29.6V
Boost voltage Gel:14.2V,Sealed:14.4V,Flooded:14.6V Gel:28.4V,Sealed:28.8V,Flooded:29.2V
Float voltage Gel/Sealed/Flooded:13.8V Gel/Sealed/Flooded:27.6V
Tracking efficiency ≤99.5%
Charging conversion efficiency ≤98%
Temperature compensation -3mV/℃/2V (Default)
No load consumption ≤1.2A ≤0.6A ≤0.6A ≤0.8A ≤0.8A ≤0.8A
Enclosure IP30
Operating temperature range `-20℃~50℃(full input and output with no derating)
Dimensions(HxWxL) 386×300×126mm 386×300×126mm 386×300×126mm 444×300×126mm 444×300×126mm 518×310×168mm
Net weight 7.3kg 7.3kg 7.4kg 8.5kg 9.2kg 14.9kg