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About Us


About For Leaves | High Performance Solar Solutions

Founded in 2012, For Leaves Limited stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of solar panel technology. Our devoted team continuously works towards the FREE design, development, and manufacture of high-end, cost-effective custom solar panels.

Services & Offerings:
At For Leaves Limited, we specialize in offering custom solar solutions for a range of applications:
Industrial Applications: We cater to the growing needs of the high-end industrial sector by providing custom solar panel solutions for devices such as IoT, sensors, agtech, and more.
Residential Applications: Our expertise also spans into solar solutions. We craft unique solar panels for household use, such as home solar systems, solar roof tiles, solar street lights, solar pumping systems, and portable solar systems.

Product Diversity:
Understanding the diverse needs of the market and our clientele, our products exhibit a wide variety in production technologies, materials, capacities, and sizes. From flexible, PCB, glass, and aluminum-backed panels to standard glass solar panels, we have something for every requirement. Starting at a power range of 0.05W, our products ensure to cater to an extensive spectrum of applications and customer needs.

Global Reach:
Our footprint extends across the globe, having served over 150 clients worldwide. Among these, we proudly count some of the world's top-tier companies, which stand testament to the service and reliability of our offerings.

We envision a sustainable, green future. At For Leaves Limited, we believe in crafting solutions that not only cater to the immediate needs of our customers but also resonate with the larger goal of global sustainability. Our quest is to bring more solar panel solutions for more applications and ensure a brighter and greener tomorrow for all. 

In conclusion, For Leaves Limited isn’t just a company; it’s a movement towards a greener, more sustainable world. Join us in making the sun the primary source of our energy and building a brighter future together.