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For Leaves Technical Support

Product Design and Sampling Service
We offer a comprehensive service covering the entire process from product design to producing a sales sample, including:
Product Design:
- Initial consultation to understand product purpose, specifications, target user etc.
- Research on materials, manufacturing methods, costs etc.
- Initial sketches and digital concepts
- Prototyping
- Refining design through feedback and iterations
- Complete technical drawings and specifications
Product Engineering [available for Lithium Battery Pack and Solar LED lamp]:
- Engineering analysis on functionality, safety, durability etc.
- Material selection and testing
- Determining manufacturing and assembly methods
- Creating bill of materials, cost analysis, sourcing vendors
- Documentation for manufacturing
- Producing a small batch of samples based on final design
- Using similar materials and techniques for final production
- Allows assessing quality, fit and finish before full production
- Fine-tuning design if needed based on sample evaluation
For design services, contact design team:
- Email: info@forleaves.com
- Provide details of your design needs
- Live chat: Available on our website
For other issues, contact relevant department:
- Business: info@forleaves.com & Jerry@forleaves.com
- Shipping: lang@forleaves.com
- Billing: alice@forleaves.com
Working Hours:
- Monday to Saturday: 9am to 11pm
- Closed on weekends and public holidays