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20 Watt 18 Volt SunPower Flexible Solar Panel

20 Watt 18 Volt SunPower Flexible Solar Panel


20 Watt 18 Volt

425 x 280 mm

SunPower Flexible Solar Panel

Designed for Marine, Vehicle, RV applications

The SunPower series flexible solar panel is a lightweight, high performance solar panel designed specifically for curved surfaces and irregular shapes where traditional rigid panels are unsuitable. It utilizes high-efficiency monocrystalline SUNPOWER MAXEON solar cells with 23%+ efficiency to provide reliable off-grid power for marine, vehicle, cabin, RVs, and special applications. The thin, bendable design and weather-resistant construction make installation easy in tight spaces.

Key Features:
- Extremely flexible - Up to 30 degrees bending
- Lightweight and thin for easy installation - 3~4kgs/m², 2.5~3mm thickness
- High efficiency SunPower Maxeon monocrystalline cells (23%+) (More cells like IBC cells, or Perc cells available)
- Durable ETFE or Matt PET top layer with high light transmission
- Pre-drilled holes and MC4 connectors for quick mounting (optional)
- Excellent for off-grid applications on irregular surfaces

Technical Specifications
- Model: FLEX-020MS
- Power Output: 20W
- Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 23.76V 
- Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 19.8V
- Short Circuit Current (Isc): 1.07A  
- Maximum Power Current (Imp): 1.01A
- Dimensions: 425x280mm
- Weight: appr. 40g
- Cable Length: customized
- Connectors: MC4 compatible or other connector
- Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
- Warranty: 1 year
All technical data based on the Standard Test Conditions: AM=1.5, E=1000W/m², TC=25°C

Usage Notes 
- Panel can be moderately bent up to 30 degrees for conformability
- Avoid excessive bending beyond as it may damage solar cells and solder joints
- Clean surface regularly for maximum efficiency