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60W Solar Attic Roof Exhaust Vent Fan

60W Solar Attic Roof Exhaust Vent Fan

P/N: FL2018027

60 Watt Solar Panel

14" Nylon-Fiber-Al Fan Blades

530 x 530mm Fan Cover

600 x 600mm Metal Base

Designed for Roof Ventilation

60W Solar Attic Vent Fan

Product Description: The solar attic vent fan uses solar energy to ventilate and cool the attic space of a house. It can reduce the indoor temperature, prevent moisture and mold growth, and save energy and money. The solar attic vent fan consists of a solar panel, a fan motor, a fan blade, a protective cover, and other optional accessories. The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity to power the fan motor, which drives the fan blade to exhaust hot air from the attic. The protective cover prevents rain, dust, and insects from entering the fan. The other optional accessories will give more functions like a remote on/off switch, Backup power with AC adaptor, adjustable thermostat switch, and so on. 

Product Features:
•  Easy installation: The solar panel has an adjustable bracket that can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees to capture the optimal amount of sunlight. 
•  Durable and reliable: Tempered glass lamination solar panel with aluminum frame with 25 years lifespan. Brushless DC motor design and a long lifespan of over 10 years. The fan blade has a balanced design and a corrosion-resistant coating. 
•  Smart and eco-friendly: The thermostat has a digital display and an adjustable temperature setting from 25°C to 50°C. It can turn on the fan when the attic temperature reaches the set point and turn off the fan when the temperature drops below it. The solar attic vent fan does not need any external power source or wiring and does not produce any emissions or noise pollution.

Product Specifications:
•  Model: FL2018027
•  Solar Panel Power: 60W
•  IP68 Brushless DC Motor
•  Fan Blade Diameter: 14 inches x 7pcs
•  Fan Blade Material: Nylon-Fiber-Aluminum
•  Fan Cover: 530 x 530mm
•  Galvanized Steel based: 600 x 600 x 255mm
•  Packaging: 1 PCS/ Carton
•  Gross Weight: 19 kgs
•  Warantty: 5 years
•  Optional accessories
    - FL2013016: AC/DC Adaptor
    - FL2020001: Remote controller
    - FL2019014: Metal Fan guard
    - FL2018036: Adjustable Thermostat Switch
    - …