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7.2 Watt 18 Volt SMT Solar Panel - ETFE

7.2 Watt 18 Volt SMT Solar Panel - ETFE

P/N: FLE-0718

7.2 Watt 18 Volt

170 x 220mm

SMT ETFE Solar Panel

SunPower Solar Cell

SMT Cell Process

Maximinum output by SMT cell process
SunPower Solar Cell
Durable and lightweight
High efficiency monocrystalline cells: 23+%

Size and Weight
170 x 220 x 2.5mm
Appr.130 grams

Open Circuit Voltage: 20.8V
Peak Voltage: 18V
Peak Current: 400mA
Peak Power: 7.2W
Power Tolerance: +/-5%
For maximum power output, orient the panel towards the sun

Matte ETFE coating
SMT Process to PCB 

2-year warranty on solar panels
For more warranty information, see the warranty guide